10 SEO Experts to Follow in 2022

June 24, 2022

By Vince Laliberte, Swiss Army Knife

Twenty years ago, hardly anyone could have guessed how fast the technology would evolve. Along with it came the internet, where now millions of people search, send messages and share information all at once.

There were over 2 trillion Google requests per day in 2021, but Internet Live Stats, an excellent source for making assumptions, claims around 5.5 billion searches done on Google per day or over 63,000 search queries done per second. With this businesses have been competing on who gets to the first page on google search results to gain more profits.

Now, we will talk about the best SEO experts to follow to increase your search result rankings and boost your website traffic.


Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product advisor at Ahrefs. With almost 10 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, Tim eagerly shares his knowledge by giving live talks at various digital marketing conferences around the world and publishing blog articles at Ahrefs Blog.

Tim switched from his being a blogger on his side project BloggerJet to going to Ahrefs, one of the best SEO tools out there. You can read some of the blogs Time wrote on his Medium profile and listen to one of the podcasts Tim made on this link.

Follow him on his social media. TwitterLinkedIn.


Danny Sullivan is one of the pioneers of SEO, having had almost 20 years of experience to his name. He is a former analyst and journalist who works for Google to help educate the public about search, to explore and explain issues that may arise with search, and take feedback from the public to help promote solutions.

He isn’t named search engine guru for nothing, his achievements include having his search findings published and mentioned on Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, as well as other notable sites.

Here is one of the educational videos Danny made 7 years ago about the Evolution of Search. Catch him also on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

Vanessa Fox

An ex-Googler, Vanessa Fox is best known for her contributions that conceived Google Webmaster Central before she decided to leave the search engine giant in 2007 to pursue her passion in search engine analytics.

She also found time in her busy schedule to author a bestseller, “Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy is your Business Strategy”. You can check it on GoodReads. The book has been heralded as the search marketing bible and first must-read-to-survive business book of the twenty-first century, with many reviewers praising the technique Vanessa employed to deliver otherwise technical topics into an organized format that resonates with both laymen and experts in the field.

She also shares interesting tweets about SEO on her Twitter and LinkedIn, check her out.

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard runs Zyppy, an SEO company that publishes content, does consulting, and works on software. Formerly, he was Head of SEO and Audience Development at Moz. He is a speaker and conference emcee, and strives to make complex SEO equations easy to understand.

Catch him on his Twitter and LinkedIn.

Aleyda Solis​

Aleyda Solis is an international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti. She’s also co-founder of, a remote work resources site, and the host of Crawling Mondays by Aleyda, which you can find on YouTube.

On top of contributing to Search Engine Journal, Moz, and Search Engine Land, Aleyda is probably best known for her prolific speaking schedule (participating in more than 100 conferences in 20 countries).

In 2018, Aleyda was also named the European Search Personality of the Year, an award she deserves for her notable experience in working in competitive SEO industries globally and significant contribution to the SEO community.

She’s also quite active on her socials Twitter and LinkedIn, go check her out.

Bill Slawski

Head of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and founder of SEO by the Sea.

The SEO community knows him as the guy who deciphers Google Patents, and after almost 15 years of studying search related patents and research, Bill busted more SEO myths than anyone else.

He has a vast knowledge of the digital marketing industry, deep understanding of how search engines work, and unique insights into SEO best practices. Now he’s here to share his expertise, but we also urge you to follow his website and always stay up to date with what happens inside Google’s mind.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin​

Considered one of the most prolific experts in the SEO industry, Rand Fishkin is the CEO of the well-known SEO software entity, Moz.

Rand co-authored the bestselling Art of SEO and found time to co-found Inbound.rg, a place where bloggers, marketers and SEO fans alike congregate to share invaluable tips and content. He was one of the recipients of the award BusinessWeek’s 30 Best Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30.

Rand is also active on Twitter. Go check him out.

Niel Patel

Neil Patel is a successful digital marketer with many successful blogs and products.

Today he grows his businesses and gives useful tips on digital marketing online. He worked with the top entrepreneurs and many big brands including NBC, General Motors, eBay and many more.

Check out his website to find more information about him. He also has his own Youtube channel teaching SEO to his nearly a million subscribers.

Guy Sheetrit

Guy Sheetrit

Guy, who has been working in the SEO field for over a decade, founded Over the Top SEO consultancy about four years ago.

OTT specializes in advanced SEO techniques and unique optimization methods that have earned it a top position in many SEO company ranking sites as well as an undeniable top organic presence. The firm counts among its customers firms like Coca Cola, China Mobile, and Victoria’s Secret.

Guy and his team share innovative tips on their company blog, and you can also find Guy’s writing in any of the many publications to which he contributes including Search Engine JournalHuffington Post, and SEMRush. I personally have a special fondness for one wise quote I have seen from Guy stressing the need for considering security when designing and implementing SEO, “If you’re in SEO and you’re not into cybersecurity, I’ll see you in my rear-view mirror.”

Unsurprisingly, most of his tweets on Twitter are related to Search Engine Optimization. Go send him some love on his Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Founder of Backlinko and co-founded Exploding Topics, Brian has been quoted as an SEO genius by and a brilliant entrepreneur by Inc Magazine. Backlinko has been listed by Forbes as a top blog to follow.

Brian Dean is one of those dynamic entrepreneurs who seems to be constantly traveling while remotely-working on his training business, while simultaneously blogging and running his link-building business. You will find him quoted as an expert on SEO in many publications and he offers plenty of good advice in his blog, even if the post titles are sometimes overconfident.

He also has a Youtube channel that currently has thousands of subscribers. Teaching his audience his craft from basic to advance levels. Go check his channel to learn from him.

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