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747% Increase in Organic Searches for eCommerce Site in 90 Days

Taction’s holistic approach to SEO helps eCommerce startup Type2Diet reach unprecedented organic growth prior to the 2021 holiday season through SEO optimization services.

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    747% Increase in Organic Traffic

Project Overview

Type2Diet provides an entire product line dedicated to supporting those living with diabetes and prediabetes. The company began selling their flagship product, a low-carb meal replacement shake, in early 2020. In late 2021, Type2Diet reached out to Taction to do an SEO overhaul on their site to increase organic traffic and grow brand awareness in the space. Ongoing SEO tasks included SEO optimization on all pages including blog posts, improving keyword rankings, and a backlinking campaign.

  • +773%

    Increase in Organic Searches
  • +747%

    Increase in Users from Organic Search
  • +31%

    Increase in Non-Toxic Backlinks
  • +475%

    Increase in Revenue from Organic Traffic from previous period (pre-Taction)
type2diet organic search improvement

Project Execution

The start of any campaign takes into account competitive research and organic traffic insights to see where we might be able to boost traffic with simple on-page optimization. Through keyword research and keyword mapping, our team accomplished a thorough overhaul of Type2Diet’s web pages to meet Google’s desired best practices while increasing overall rankings in targeted keywords and also building domain authority.

Our content team worked collaboratively with the Type2Diet team on frequent blog posts that helped generate exciting and unique content targeting keywords known to have strong search intent in search engine queries. Search queries regarding blood pressure, for instance, often find Type2Diet blog posts where multiple pages rank in the top 5 of Google Organic search results.

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