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Increasing web traffic for a fashion boutique by 140% YOY

Studio RA Boutique out of Seattle has 100s of products and an inventory that changes frequently. Ramona Abbasian asked us to clean up the SEO on her site, make sure it was optimized for Google Search, and increase organic traffic.

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Project Overview

Studio RA Boutique opened in 2018 on Bellard Ave in Seattle, WA. Ramona Abbasian came to us at Taction in late-2021 to work on her SEO and increase web traffic. The inventory of the store is updated frequently, offering a challenge to our standard process. In fashion, trends change every season, meaning the search intent does as well. On a website with well over 100 products (and pages for each one), our primary focus was ensuring every page had a complete and informative SEO profile.

  • 148%↑

    Increase in web traffic
  • 75%↑

    Increase in Revenue from previous year
  • +7

    Target Keywords reached the #1 spot in Organic Search Results
analytics showing increase in traffic for a fashion website after seo work was completed

Project Execution

With 100s of products listed that often change and get updated, the Studio RA website was a massive undertaking. With trends changing each season and over the years, keywords in this industry have added volatility which adds more difficulty to SEO strategy. Even still, consistent SEO across all pages has created traffic from users with higher search-intent and, as a result, driven higher revenue to the boutique.

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