Content Strategy for Real Estate

April 29, 2022

By Darren Keegan, Co-Founder

Purchasing a home is a huge commitment- possibly the largest purchase for most people in their lifetimes. For this reason, home-buying can be challenging and stressful. Real estate professionals must harness these needs and emotions.  Your clients will be looking to you for information, guidance and support.  It is critical to build a reputation and credibility around putting your clients’ needs above yours. A strategy to develop quality content for your prospective clients and industry peers will enhance your reputation as a thought leader in a crowded industry.

Step 1: Develop Buyer Profiles

The first step in your content strategy should be to understand your audience. Buyer profiles (your ideal client in terms of demographic info and location) should guide your content approach. Build a target audience that goes beyond simple demographic information such as age, job, salary and spending potential. Think about what factors will influence clients’ buying decisions and consider other characteristics that impact decision-making.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Keyword strategy will be influenced by your audience and buyer profiles. Additionally, your content should be optimized for the platform which your audience will find the resources and content you are delivering. Use a keyword research tool such as KWFinder or Ahrefs to find relevant keywords to drive your content.

Step 3: Build And Share Content

Once you’ve highlighted your buyer profiles and completed your keyword research, you will be able to develop material that speaks to your intended audience. Your content should be original, informative, engaging and written with your audience in mind. Typically the content that ranks highest on Google is between 1140 and 1285 words.

Your content should include new and existing listings, team bios (if applicable), case studies, success stories, as well as information about events or networking opportunities where people can connect with you. The most important rule for content strategy is to share varied content. Your posts should appeal to a wider audience and not just to lead in the market for a new home in your area. Plan to deliver your content on the platforms your audience is most likely to engage with. Don’t be afraid to repurpose content to use across multiple social platforms.

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