How To Add Alt-Text To An Image On WordPress

June 24, 2022

By Vince Laliberte, Swiss Army Knife

An alt text is designed to provide text explanations of images for users who are unable to see them. The text appears in place of an image on a webpage if the image fails to load on a user’s screen. Additionally, it is recommended to add an alt text to all the images when it comes so Search Engine Optimizations as it helps crawlers index an image properly.

Inserting Alt Attribute

In HTML or HyperText Markup Language, you can add an alt tag to an image element that describes what the image is all about.

An image with an alternate text:

Inserting Alt Attribute

WordPress Media Alt Text

Adding alt texts to images on WordPress is quite easy. Unlike in software development, you don’t have to manually add a piece of code on your website’s source code in adding these alternative texts.

  1. Header over to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. On the sidebar menu, click on Media.
  3. In the Library, you can see every image that you have used on your site.
  4. Clicking on each image will reveal the details such as the image url, title, caption, description, and alt text.
  5. You may change the Alt Text of every image.
WordPress Image Alt Text

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