SEO Strategy Checklist

Take your SEO Strategy to the next level with this checklist. Includes tasks, a list of free tools, and an easy-to-follow schedule!

Clean up your website's SEO with these simple tasks

Prime your website for improved search engine results with our useful and easy SEO Strategy Checklist. This downloadable Google Doc has various tasks you can do to improve the SEO of your website, free tools that will make those tasks easier, and even a schedule to adhere to when completing (and following up on) each task. These easy SEO tasks will help you clean up your website and make it easier for search engine's like Google to find information that your potential customers are looking for.

Be mindful that there is no such thing as "completing" SEO or being done with SEO work. It is an ongoing process that takes months to see an impact and years to accomplish top-tier results. This checklist will prime your site for more improvements in the future, and at the very least put you ahead of the curve as MOST websites are not optimized for search engines. The schedule and free tools in this checklist will help keep you ahead of your competition if adhered to. Be consistent and monitor your work to track the ROI of your investment into the SEO of your website.

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