How to add Sitemap XML on Google Search Console

May 8, 2022

By Darren Keegan, Co-Founder

XML sitemaps are digital maps that help Google discover important pages on your site and how often they are being updated.  Contrary to robots.txt that helps you to exclude parts of your site from being ranked in search engines, XML sitemaps do the opposite. They help search engines discover new pages even when they are not linked from the main site.

Adding XML Sitemaps on Google is as easy as 123, all you need is an XML Sitemap for your website (obviously) and a Google Search Console account.

Step 1

Before you submit your sitemap to Search Console, you will need to generate your sitemap file and upload it to the root of your site, most commonly under the path: /sitemap.xml

Note: There are services that help website owners create their own sitemaps, XML Sitemaps Generator is one of those services that makes it easy and fast.

Step 2

Log in to Search Console and select Sitemaps on the left-side bar

adding a sitemap in google search console

Step 3

Enter the URL of your sitemap at the top where it says “Add a new sitemap” and click Submit.

And you’re done!

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