Seattle Bookkeeping Services


    Get world-class financial services with our team of expert accountants and bookkeepers that know how how to keep your business in tip-top shape in your city.


    All bookkeeping packages include an in-depth review and monthly close process.


    Your in-house bookkeeping team at Taction has you covered. Connect with us via e-mail or virtual meeting for those tricky questions you might need to chat through in person!


    You can be sure that your books will be ready at year-end, saving you the hassle of tracking down tricky financial data at tax time.

Any questions about Bookkeeping? We are happy to help!

  • When should I hire a bookkeeper?

    If you're a small business owner working late nights trying to make sure your compliant with your financial and tax obligations while still operating your business and working with clients, we got you covered. We help small business owners with compliance and visibility, while they focus on their craft.

  • How do I get started with QuickBooks?

    We can get you set up with QuickBooks Online in as little as 2 hours. Our expert accountants work with you to determine how to best customize QuickBooks to fit your needs and utilize accounting best practices.

  • Should I hire a bookkeeper in-house or outsource?

    Our team can help keep your bookkeeping costs lower by not hiring a W-2 employee and having to consider all of the payroll taxes and HR obligations that come with having an accountant or bookkeeper on staff.

Take back your nights and weekends.

Hand over all the accounting busy work that has you losing sleep! We'll make sure you stay compliant with all local, state and federal regulations and help keep your books in shape year-round. You can rest easy knowing there's a strong foundation set for your business.

Accurate, Timely Financial Reporting

Gain insights and visibility into your business so you can make impactful business decisions knowing that your accounting records have been dilegently cared for utilizing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).